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12 Cool Simple Cafe Design

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Simple Cafe Design. BK1 Designs. USK: All Ages. BK1 designs. All around the world, BK1 designs is known for its high-quality and stylish, creative, artistic and modern designs for cafes, coffee houses and other similar areas. It has designs in various categories like interior, outdoor and cafe designs. There is a wide range of Cafe

12 Amazing Small Cafe Interior Design

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Small cafe interior design allows a cafe to have more than just coffee, sandwiches, or desserts. These can be transformed into social gathering places and are just as functional as any other restaurant. The basic furniture for this type of cafe is a counter, with a table and chairs to match. The counters are available

9 Amazing Modern Cafe Design

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If you are considering an exciting new look for your home or office, then you should consider going with a modern cafe design. This is a room that is very popular for office design and decor, as it makes an impression on the entire family without being overly busy. The design of this space will

8 Cool Cafe Interior

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The ambience and personality of a visitor visiting a cafe differ from those who visit a restaurant. In fact, a cafe is a very individual experience which has nothing to do with what the client may be expecting from a restaurant, unless the latter offers a specific type of cuisine. So, to create a welcoming,

11 Awesome Modern Cafe Interior Design

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There are several things that make up a cafe interior design like the entrance, room of sales person, comfortable seating arrangements, and items that you should do decorate the walls help to create a great interior for your cafe to really get off the ground. And with today's growing trend of coffee houses becoming a